Question about SOHW-1673S Firmware

Hi guys. This question might seem stupid to you, but I’m clueless, so please help.
I cannot understand what is the point to update firmware… The way I understand it, new firmware gives better functionality, support for new media, etc. However this is not always the case, and sometimes new firmware seems to do more harm than good.
I bought my SOHW-1673S several months ago, and it works fine. I use TY and Ritek disks, and I never test my burns with Nero Speed, because I dont understand how to use it, and I cannot desipher the results.
Can someone tell me what’s good about the new firmware released for my burner, and if there’s any point for me to upgrade???

Also, I heared my drive has poor CD writing quality. I personally didnt notice anything like that, but it there is any new “tweaked” or native firmware avalable at this point which will “improve” this writer in any signifficant way, please tell me where to get it.

the newest firmware you can use is KS0B wich would also turn your drive into a 1693s with all its functinalities (dvd-r9). the cd-writing quality is only good up to 40x. you shouldn’t burn cds with higher speeds than this one.
if all works fine and you have no problems with your burnt discs, leave it all as is.
remeber: “never change a running system”

Thanx for your reply.
Where do I get this KS0B??? I went to Liteon’s site, but didnt find it.

you need this one:

it will void your warranty if you flash, but you can always return to the 1673s firmware.
this site has all information you need:

Thanx a lot man.

Is the this firmware you are suggesting a modified version of 1673S’s firmware? Or is it the one designed for 1693S, but will work for mine? (I cannot understand, since they dont explain this on codeguy’s site)

Oh 1 more thing… how safe is it for me to flash this firmware??? I know that I’m doing this at my own risk, but realistically what are the chances of me destroying my burner with no chance of ever fixing it??

Please read the FAQ and stickies. Most of your questions are answered there.

Summary: Backup and flash.

I did… I just flashed my drive and it seems like everything is fine. However I couldnt find a CLEAR explanation on how to revert back to the original firmware.
I found a utility that helps to recover from a misflash, but I dont see how to return to “stock” firmware if the need arises. I understand that I am probably annoying you guys by now, but patience is a virtue. :wink:

you need to download the ‘stock’ firmware and the omnipatcher both from the codegyus site. then load the firmware into omnipatcher and enable crossflashing, save the firmware and flash your drive.

Hi. I just flashed my drive yesterday, and everything seemed to go fine. The drive turned into a 1693S.
However today when i tried to burn a CD (as a test) with Alcohol 120% I discovered that Alcohol no longer gives me the option to burn CDs!!! It seems that it recognizes my drive as only capable to burn DVDs… Mabe I simply dont understand some little detail?
Please help if u have the time to drop me a few lines, cause if I cant burn CDs anymore, than there is no point in all this. I specifically crossflashed the firmware to improve my drive’s CD writing.

have you tested it with other burning-apps and other media? the cd-abilities shouldn’t be touched by a simple fw flash.
please try the firmware from this thread and post results:

I just flashed with KC1B, then tried with Alcohol again - same thing happens
Tried with Nero, and Nero too thinks I have a drive which is ONLY capable of burning DVDs… At the top speed of 2.5x!!! :slight_smile:

The drive still reads CDs and DVDs without a problem… Seems a little slow though, but it could be just me.
Oh… and off course I can assure you that i have no viruses. Besides, I dont think a virus can cause this. If was fine before the flash.

Please disregard my last message. I solved my problem It wasnt the firmware. It was my stupidity. :slight_smile: