Question about sizes of torrents

When downloading, and taking isohunt and utorrent as an example, how come the same film has different size files

For example The Trouble With Harry has two files one at 1.42GB and one at 693MB

When you open the1.42GB one there is nothing to uncheck. The 693 MB one has a small text and small rtf file. Are the text and rtf file necessary?

Is size difference cos one is compressed or uploaded in a different way?

Thanks for any help

One must be careful when discussing copyright protected materials in these forums. The vast majority of torrents are not legal, and mentioning that you are downloading a copyright protected movie will get the thread shut down.

This particular movie falls in a gray area of US copyright law (movies made prior to 1963), and if copyright was not renewed it could be in public domain. I seriously doubt that copyright wasn’t renewed, so copyright should still hold until 2050.

Dutch law is the primary consideration at MyCE, but we voluntarily follow a stricter set of rules here in the forums than seen in Dutch home copy provisions. We try to follow a standard seen in most countries in regard to copyright provisions.

Therefore, we will not be discussing [I]The Trouble with Harry[/I] unless you can prove that it is not under copyright protection at this time.

Your more general question about sizes of torrents is acceptable however. The size of torrents differ because the copies of the movies vary in the way they have been encoded.

This thread is now closed. If you wish to present evidence that [I]The Trouble with Harry [/I] is not under copyright protection, please send me a personal message, and I will consider reopening the thread.