Question about set region on ND-3500A

Hi, I set my region on my ND-3500A, but I clicked the wrong choice, I try to flash my orginial firmware back and also with firmware v2.18, the region is still on the same state, are there any way to reset my region state, since I don’t want to flash it with the un-official firmware.

Nope, you can’t reset the counter, but unless you’ve changed the region 5 times already, you should be able to do it at least once more.

You probably should use an unofficial firmware that has been patched to have the region counter disabled or autoresetting.

Thanks, then which firmware can be used to autoresetting the region counter?

Oops, nevermind. There are no autoreset firmwares for the ND-3500A model. Region Free are available here:

dhc014 if bab was to use 2.F9 RPC1 - Riplock Removed and use GUI of Binflash would you be able to have 499 changes?

With a RPC-1 firmware, the drive’s region counter is disabled completely so the drive itself will never limit you. Once the drive is region free, software counters kick in and you must take appropriate steps to defeat them as well:

What about using Anydvd?

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