Question about SDK's/toolboxes for adding CD recording to Delphi application

Hi all,

I know this is the Nero SDK forum, but it is the only forum I could find that is related to programming, so I am not sure if my question is appropriate here. If it is not please forgive me and feel free to move this post to another forum (or delete it if it is completely inappropriate for

I need to add Data CD recording functionality to my Delphi application. I need to be able to record to multiple drives simultaneously. The application is for internal use only so I do not have to support a wide range of drive brands/models since I can choose the equipment myself. I have compiled a list of Toolboxes/SDK’s that I found while searching the Internet:

Nero SDK (
Magic CD/DVD Burner (
Burn 'n Rip Plus (
Backup-Burner CDR SDK (
ACDWrite OCX (audio cd only?) (
Gear.Wrks Toolkit (
GoldenHawk SDK (
NuMedia CDWrite Pro ActiveX (
Point Software SDK (
PrassiTech Pz MDK (not yet available?) (
RecDev Data SDK (
Bayden XPBurn (
eciusa The Engine (
FireBurner (
VOB also had a SDK but it was sold to Pinnacle and they discontinued the product I think.

My first question is, is this list complete? Does anyone know of any SDK or Toolbox that is missing from this list?

Does anyone of you have any experience with any of these tools (good/bad) in combination with Delphi? Could you recommend one, or advise against any of these?

Some of these tools are very expensive, others are not. I do not know which one to choose and I cannot affort to buy a copy of each to test for myself (insufficient time and money).

Can anyone help me with my dilemma?
Many many thanks!