Question about scratches on dvd's

i make all my backup discs of my movies with clone dvd. on some of the movie discs they are scratched. would that cause clone dvd to quit writing the disc to the computer? ive taken some and wiped them on my shirt and it would complete the project. what is the best thing to fill in scratches on dvds? ive gone to the video store and seen someone using furniture polish on the disc. thanks for any answers.

If you plan to burn important data on a disc, is better to avoid scratched media. A scratch can cause data loss.

The best thing that you can do is to buy new media and leave the scratched ones.

If scratches are in the most peripheral part of the disc, a good solution is to burn these discs without fill they up to the end (burn only 3 GB max, for example).

i think he means the originals are scratched, not the blanks he’s writing to.

resurfacing is probably the most reliable way. other than that people have tried everything from furniture polish to toothpaste to brasso to store-bought “disc cleaner” with varying results.

the best solution: back your discs up BEFORE they get scratched. I back things up as soon as i get them and only use the backup. if the backup gets damaged, no big deal…i pull out the perfect condition original again and make a new backup.

It appears that you are worried about scratches on pressed DVD’s and not blank media as Geno mentioned…
Many Video stores have polishing machines and will do the scratch repair for a small charge…
If your local Video store doesn’t provide this service, take a look at this link DVD Scratch Repair Kit
Some people will advise you to use toothpaste or numerous other household or hardware related items to accomplish the same thing, but they are not as effective as a commercial kit and could cause unrepairable damage…

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