Question about sblive 5.1 ddigital!

i got a sblive 5.1 sound card with the logitech z-640 5.1 speakers ! and the latest drivers for win xp for my sound card !
here are my specs :

athlon 1700+ oc to 1900+
ga-7vax mobo
512 ddr 333 mem
radeon 8500 le 128 mb flashed with its own bios modded to 276/276
asus s520 cdrom !
mitsumi cr-48xate with latest firmware !
win xp pro
all the latest drivers
dx9 installed
40 go maxtor 7200 liquid bearing ata 133
10 go seagate 5400 ata 66 (mp3 drive)

My problem is that when i play mp3 with winamp the center speaker wont work
but when i test the speakers in the creative control center then it works!
Is it possible that winamp is not 5.1 capable ?
cs also works only on 4 speakers with eax enabled !
Someone please help me i want my mp3 to play 5.1 is so much better !

mp3’s are mono or stereo

It probably just doesn’t have anything to play through the center speaker. Blending both sides would kind of ruin the stereo effect too.

You can test all speakers using the nvidia soundstorm demo.

Mind you that it is about 80 megs.

I had a similiar problem with my Audigy 1, center channel was only used for DVDs. I’m using the Audigy 2 drivers now, and center channel works beautifully with CMSS enabled (stereo upmix). I’m pretty sure they have a similiar procedure to use Audigy 2 drivers on the 5.1.