Question about running decrypter?!?

Ok I was just wondering and I figured if I asked anyone it would havce to be you guys!

Q :confused: : I have one burner and one empty bay. If I got another Burner could I run decrypter on both? if so is that only seperately or both at the same time?

Or am I just having burning fantasies! LOL :smiley: get it …um :o . Thanks for the help!

If the target HDD is the same, you will have no advantage in doing this, because both ripping processes will be really slow.

If each drive will rip to a phisically separated HDD on separate channels, maybe you can rip two discs at the same time

Reading two different disks at the same time won’t be a problem, although it will take longer to do so than just reading one at a time.

Writing two different disks at the same time may be a problem depending on your system specs. In either case, it’s usually just best to do things one at a time. Speed and quality will both be impacted otherwise.

Thats what I figured thanks for the Info!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: