Question about ripping tv show blu-rays


not sure if this can go in here or not. so using makemkv to rip my movie collection. got through my modest blu collection. decided i’d rip some tv box sets i have.

problem is i’m not sure what to select in makemkv…do i have to select all the check boxes to get all the episodes or…

usually for the movies you just selected the biggest file usually 20-40 GB which was the main film…

any help is appreciated



Typically there are 3 or 4 episodes on a disc. Also (typically), if you look at MakeMKV selections you will see three (or four) entries you can select to rip, these are usually around the same size (in GB) which represent the actual individual episodes.

Usually there will also be an additional entry apart from the above mentioned ones, which is the biggest in size. That one represents all of the episodes one after another.

So you can choose the individual episodes, or else a single large rip with all episodes in a row.

Hope that helps.