Question about RICOHJPN R01 and strategy swapping on S203B

Hi all,

Newbie here trying to figure some things out.

I found a thread that stated RICOHJPN R01 support was dropped on the S203B. I added the media code but it only burns at 2.4x so I’m trying to see if there’s a way to swap the media code of a supported R02 to the R01 media code (I figure they were close enough that the swap was justified).

I attempted to use MCSE and copied the R02 media block to the R01 media code block and just changed the name to R01 but this didn’t seem to accomplish anything.

How do I go about doing this? Or if anyone has any further suggestions on swapping the R01 strategy with something nelse and how I can do this it would be much appreciated.


Replying even though this is old, because someone else might benefit:

You first need to create a new entry, using an existing entry that is unused. Look for some really obscure and weird MID, then rename it to RICOHJPN R01 002. The “002” part at the end is important, because that’s the revision code of most R01 media.

Once that’s complete, then double-click the R01 entry, and you will be prompted to select a MID to replace it’s strategy with. You can try the R02 or R03 codes to start, or even MCC 003 has been found to work well.

Once that’s done, then save and reflash your burner with the patched firmware.