Question about return policies (circuit City)

I have a receipt and all packaging for a 25 disc cake box of philips 1-8x dvd+r that i bought at circuit city. i bought 3 packs at the time. the first two i opened and used were MCC something…basically they worked beautifully for me.

These are CMC MAGs, and won’t burn worth shit. the pack is missing 2 discs (the two i tried to burn and threw out). They were purchased with cash less than 30 days ago. do you think circuit city will give me my money back?

I can see them saying “hey, it’s open, too bad”

has anyone ever returned discs that turned out to be a crappy MID? Have you ever gotten a hard time about it?

I figured I’d post on here because it’s sunday and i won’t be able to get to circuit city until at least tuesday.

hope someone can help me out. you guys have been so helpful in the past!

I have returned things like that to a Frys and all they did was count how many were there. When I am trying or opening some media for the first time I useally save the first disk or two even if they are coasters. If I burn the first 2 or 3 and they are coasters I take them back.

If you have a receipt I say take them back if you dont you may not be able to get anything done.

maybe i’ll just throw 2 of my good discs on top (they all look exactly the same) so they can have their 25 back. stupid tricky MIDs. I guess I got more lucky than anything else getting 2 good packs out of it. it was an alright deal at the time ($7.50 per pack) but i just got those sony’s today and it would be nice to get cash back so i can head to staples and use my other ink coupon. and pay a net like $2 (after cash back on these crappy discs) for another 50.


I have returned disks to Circuit City that I was not satisfied with. They accepted them with no questions asked.

awesome! thanks! that’s the kind of response I was hoping for :slight_smile: