Question about reliability of ASUS BW-16D1HT/HL-DT-ST drives

My friend asked me to get him some specific parts for a desktop upgrade, one of those was a Blu-Ray writer, and after narrowing down our options for quality, features, what deals we can find to fit in in the budget etc, the ASUS BW-16D1HT seems to be the best bet.

Thing is, I talked to some other friends who are well versed in optical drives, and they told me that the ASUS BW-16D1HT is merely a re-labeled HL-DT-ST drive (I think LG makes those?). And that they know that the HL-DT-ST WH16NS40 can break off very very easily.

I wanted to know if anyone here has had any expirence with this drive, and if they did have the SATA connector break or any other issues with the drive? Or if there is any way to know for sure if the HL-DT-ST that’s in the BW-16d1HT is a WH16NS40 model or if it’s a different model? Any opinions or other things I should know about this?

HL = Hitachi-LG

Yes, made by LG.

I have 2 BH16NS55-drives, one since some years and don´t have a problem with it, even I use(d) this drive in different PCs and often connected/disconnected it.

Original WH-drives are rarely available in Germany, can´t answer this question.

Other problems with this drive? It´s very noisy and don´t like all media, like MBIR06 (which I had often in the last years), but overall it´s reliable IMHO.

But still prefer Pioneer-drives like the BDR-209-series, for me it´s the better drive.


Better in what way? I was also looking at the BDR-2209, but the Asus is apparently Ultra HD Blu-Ray friendly while the BDR-2209 is not, and I figured if there is no good reason or glaring issues/flaws to not go with the Asus might as well pick that in case he might need that feature someday. But if there is a reason to not go with the Asus I wanted to know.

For me the Pioneer is better because of overall writing-quality and noise.

Dunno about UHD-friendly, never used it, but is the Asus with original-FW still UHD-friendly? LG killed the feature with newer FW.

There are ways to roll back to older version of FW, so if someone needs that feature it’s still an option.