Question about reducing file size

Hi, I tried doing this just bye cutting a couple of minutes of the file, but the bit rate went down about 30%! Does all video editing software reduce the quality of a file if all you want to do is cut some of the data out? If not, can anyone recommend a program that doesn’t please?

What are you working with? And what software are you using.

Is it an AVI file or are you compressing a DVD with something like DVD Shrink.

What kind of file are you trying to edit? It would help to know if it is avi, mpeg1, mpeg2…etc.

Might try VirtualDub on an avi, and VideoReDo on an mpeg2.

It is an xvid avi file. I used advanced x video converter. Is there always a loss in quality when editing? Even if it’s just cutting a couple of seconds out of an hour long file?

ALWAYS, that is just logical.

Cutting oput something is not converting…

I’m trying to reduce a 350 mb avi xvid avi file to about 300 mb.
I’ve got virtualdub now, can anyone please tell me the easiest way to achieve this?

I’ve not had a great deal of success editing avi files. I prefer to convert to mpeg2 & then use VideoRedo to cut the mpeg file. No loss of quality that way.

Size reduction doesn’t really mean anything. I could reduce the size in VDub just by re-encoding in Xvid with a higher compression (lower bit rate) but that reduces quality.

Starting reading the VIRTUALDUB GUIDE is inevitable!

… I can’t find a virtualdub guide. I just need to know the easiest way to reduce an avi’s file size by about 25%