Question about Recode 2

Usually, I backup my DVD-9 to DVD-R’s using DVD Decrypter and DVD2ONE. However, today I decided to try using Nero Recode 2 instead of DVD2ONE. I followed Afonic’s guide from: and everything seemed to work smoothly so I left my machine to grab a bite to eat.

When I came back 20 mins later to check up on the process, my system was at the Windows login screen. Sounds like some sort of crash may have occurred and my system must have rebooted.

I deleted the target folder of where Recode was going to create the files and re-started the process. However, I noticed that this time around, no analyzing window appeared after clicking on “Import DVD” and also at the Burn Options screen, the “Advanced Analysis” was now greyed out.

Does Nero Recode somehow cache this information and knows that it has been done before or does it alter the original ripped(source) files?

see this thread…

Thanks for the link…I guess it also logs the 2 pass analyzing as well since that option was greyed out for me on the 2nd attempt…but at least all went well the 2nd time around…