Question about RAM!

Hi guys!
I need some tips before I upgrade my RAM, so here is the deal:
I opened my PC and saw what it says on my RAM memory card:
PC133 256 MB - thats all it says.
It has 2 other empty RAM memory card slots inside.

So this is the RAM memory card my pc vendor has to offer:
256MB DIMM 168p PC133 - it is the only PC133 RAM memory card they got.
The price is 37 US$.

Do you guys think that everything will go ok with this card, I mean, no hardware issues and incompatabilities?

Any other hints about the installing would be helpful.


Yes, that card should be fine.

Tips for installing?

Uh… put… the card… in… the slot?

Seriously, it only goes in one way, you can’t mess it up so long as you don’t force anything.

People still pay other people to install RAM, which has always fascinated me since it’s been notched and keyed and a 2-second job since like 1990. LOL!

You should attempt to see what your motherboard or PC vender says about which slots to use. Often 3-slot boards have some restrictions on what you can put in each slot. all else fails, try it in different slots if you have trouble. When you are booting, there should be a POST screen that details the speed and amount of memory installed. You may need to disable silent boot in BIOS to see this screen. To tesnt your RAM for speed and errors, there’s a free utility called Memtest86 that is run from a floppy. this will also tell you the amount and speed of the installed RAM, as well as test it for errors.

Do you perhaps know (or: can you find out) what mainboard there is in your PC? If you can do so, you could most likely look up how much RAM in what configuration can be done on your system.

I think this is my motherboard:

Should I give the upgrade a try?


Shouldn’t be any problem. I would try to get RAM with the same latency/timings as the one you have, or faster. If you’re not sure, there should be a sticker on the RAM with the CL rating.

Before you install the new RAM get a can of compressed air and clean out the slot, chances are there is a lot of dust on the contacts!

Also when you insert the RAM stick make sure the notch (or slot) lines up with what you observe. Its better to first press one side of the stick in first, then press the other side down, otherwise it will require a lot of force to press the RAM stick straight in.

With the left over compressed air you can then clean out the rest of your motherboard, espcially the heatsink on your cpu. You might want to even take the computer case outside becuase the amount of dust may be excessive. I have a HEPA (large one) running in my computer room, even still my pc will collect a good amount of dust especially on the cpu heatsink.

If you’re unsure which ram is compatible or not with your mobo, you could always check on Crucial’s website ( by using the System Scanner Tool :bigsmile:

Hope it helps :wink:

Thanks for all the advices guys, you are the best! :bow: