Question about quality scans

is there a utilty like Kprobe that works with anything else than Liteon unit? :confused:

Do you mean like Ahead Nero cd-dvd speed?

I haven’t used kprobe, but I think it’s like cd-dvd speed.
If it isn’t what your asking sorry.

No, I meaned an utility that can do same thing of Kprobe on my NEC 3500AG, but I just read that is a drive feature and not a software problem… :frowning:

I suppose that I have to find some space in the PC for the old Liteon… :a

Unless it is a Lite-On DVD Burner it won’t work. Anyways, you can do scans with other drives but the results are questionable. I did a scan with my old Pioneer 105 last night using DVD info pro but I’m not sure how accurate the results are (I compared Ritek G04 DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R).