Question about Protection Scanners

Does anyone know where it is possible to find the guide and the code to make a full and working game protection scanner with VB6 of C++?

maybe if you contact R!Co he will give you the source code for A-Ray, however there are plenty of protection scanners out there so is it really needed?

Well, i’m sort of getting into programming etc. so I decided to make my own protection scanner…

ok, but as cerburus said if you allready have the code and a guide all you need is to compile it, so is that really programing?

When I said Code i didn’t mean the whole A-Z code… I just basically need a starting point. That’s All.

Depends on what type of protection. If you want exe scanner, then you should read up on assembly/disassembly, debugging, and reversing. If you want to check based on the physical cd (bad sectors, subs, etc…) you should read up on the mmc specs - available from (check drafts).