Question about ProtectCD5

Hi everyone,

 I been doing some reading in the forum here about this protection.  I got Sacred last week and I want to back it up, but I hear this is a tough one to backup.  Unfortunately, most of the posts were getting kinda old, and I was wondering if anybody has any new information?

  I'm wondering if theres now any way, to do it with NO emulation? If it is possible, whats my best bet as far as software, settings, etc???

I have a Plex Premium or a Liteon 5232s to burn with. I have some older burners, but these two would seem to be my best shot.

For readers in my burn comp, I have Toshiba 1712 DVD and Liteon LTD163 DVD.

So can anyone give any advice how I should attempt this? I saw one person who used Blindwrite and treated it as new Securom, and they said it worked. Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

For some weird reason I can backup Port Royale with the VOB ProtectCD-5 Datatype in Alcohol and not even have RMPS on it to run. Have a try, it might work for you too.


What burner are you using cyber? And what read/write speeds? I tried Alcohol awhile back, but I don’t think I want to use that soft again. Alcohol is extremely unimpressive to me for quite some time, and they don’t seem to be getting any better, and I’m not going to waste my money. Not on a software that burns, but needs emulation to work the backup, thats just not a backup. It’s basically like Nero or something, with emulation to hide the fact that it just doesn’t work.

I think they rely way too heavily on this emu stuff, to the point of almost force feeding it to you and your PC. Seems almost kinda sneaky in a way, to make it where the backup works on the PC it was burned on. Then you’re like “woohooo, it freakin worked”. Then you take it to the PC that you play all your games on (in my case anyway), then “omg, it doesn’t work anymore, wtf!!”. Then you read a little what the settings in Alcohol mean, and find out you made a half-ass backup that needs alot of help to work.

Maybe they spend too much time working on the emu, to address these other issues so many people complain about. Mainly, that it can’t beat some of these new protections, and chances that it will, look grim. They just want you to use the emu, give them your money, and shutup it seems. I honestly wonder how much they are even working on all these protections (which some have been out for quite a long while), other than how to emulate them of course, lol.

Anyone have any other success stories to share? Is there anything besides alcohol that has a chance?