Question about ProCoder Express

HI All!
I have a bunch of old PAL Video8 analog tapes that I would like to convert to NTSC DVD for archiving. An essential part in the process is transcoding (converting) my PAL movies to NTSC standard.
I read about some complicated ways to do it using a bunch of freeware packages, but since I have quite a number of those tapes I need an easier and more streamlined process. That is why I am interested in Canopus ProCoder Express. I will highly appreciate if those who actually use this software could confirm to me: does ProCoder Express (not its more expensive ProCoder 2.0 version) transcode PAL <-> NTSC? I have read some conflicting feedback: some claim the express version DOES transcode, others say this feature was stripped from the express version and is therefore only available in the full-blown package that costs about 10 times as express version.
If ProCoder Express does indeed do the transcoding, can anyone comment on the quality of transcoding vs the full blown version or vs some other available software, for example Atlantis DVFilm or aDVanced DVFile Converter? Thanks in advance for your time to respond.

Isn’t there a trial version of express that is fully functional?


I could only find demo’s of the full blown version, but not express.

OK, guys, for those who might be also interested in doing PAL <-> NTSC conversion using ProCoder Express: YES, it does the conversion (transcoding) as well as the full blown ProCoder. Eventually I decided to go ahead and bought this software online. As I type this post ProCoder Express is converting the DV PAL file i captured earlier using Canopus ADVC100 from my ancient analog Video8 Sony Handycam to a NTSC DVD file for further authoring.