Question about problem with graphics

Forgive me as I’m not very advance when it comes to my knowledge about computers, but I figure this is the best place to ask questions, even if I look like an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

I just purchased Far Cry and am trying to get it to work on my laptop. My problem lies with my video card, I believe. Everything in the game runs smoothly, however the water shows up as black. Everything else looks sharp, but the water is not showing up. I have the gateway 200 notebook, which had the intel extreme graphics II card. I’m sure this isn’t a top-notch video card.

Can anyone give me any hints that might help? Again, everything but the water looks great, so I’m hoping I can tinker with something…Otherwise I’ll be stuck on this island for life :slight_smile:

From one noob to another, this is what I would try :wink:

First thing I would check is for updated video drivers and for the latest version of DirectX (which is 9.0b).

Also, Far Cry is becoming notorious as a system hog- it may just be that a system that doesn’t meet specs will have glitches running the game. If you don’t have access to a newer system, I would just have fun with this great game and make believe the Exxon Valdez II ran aground near the island :slight_smile:

Good answer.

See if there is any newer drivers for your graphics card. I think that is what is causing the problems. You could trying going into the options in the game and changing the water graphics option. This may halp out.

Other than that go here for a full optimization guide that should squeeze out a few more frames and maybe solve your problem.