Question about Printable RitekG04s


I recently had a problem where I had burned off some RitekG04 DVD-Rs which were fine, but when I labelled them they got too hot and wouldn’t read so I had to remove the labels again. I understand this is quite common with DVD-Rs so won’t be labelling them again.

The only problem is that RitekG04s are quite hard to come across here in New Zealand and now the only place I knew that had them is now only selling RitekG04s with a printable surface. My question is whether these suffer from the same problem as a silver-top with a label? ie Overheating?

Any comments would be gladly accepted!!!



Stick-on labels are not recommended for either DVD or CDs and cause lots of problems for either media type. Printable tops do not cause the same problems as stick-on labels.

Thanks for your reply - I did find one thread about problems with printable RitekG04s having many more errors than the silver-tops, but if you’re sure I trust you!! What do you think is the best deal between printable RitekG04s at $2.20 per DVD (NZ$) or Prodata at $1.80 per DVD? Are Prodata any good?

OK so I got the printable Riteks - burned 3 so far, perfect results!