Question about Primera duplicators



Hi everyone! Just a quick question.

Is there a Primera model that allows you to queue up multiple jobs at once? Or do you have to que up a job, wait for that job to complete, then queue up another?

I’d like to stack up a bunch of jobs, run some errands and come back.

Is this possible?


I would think that’s just a matter of spending enough money to get the model you need. You could email these guys and ask them about it, I’m sure they’ll have an answer.


Thanks CDan.

I called Primera tech support and they didnt give me a straight forward answer. I’m going to try and call back and get a better tech on the phone.


The folks at Rima probably have pretty good knowledge of the printers and software. They are at least responsive to emails.


Have just bought a used Primera ComposerXL of ebay and the queuing of jobs is done in the PrimoDVD software. I’m still finding my way around it but one option that works straight away is to load the source hopper with as many blanks as you want copies, and put the master on top. You can fill the source hopper in this way with masters and blanks and the software will simply work it’s way through the stack. If it finds a master it will create an image, if it find a blank it will burn that image until it hits a new master.


I’ve also just found this in a faq: