Question about Primary/Seconday IDE Channel Setup



I have posted before about my Lite on 851s making a horrible grinding noise when i put dvds in it. I thought I had found hte solution by installing hte standard dual channel ide driver but in the end it didnt work. So my next question is this.

Initially when I first built this computer, I had ended up putting my 2 hard drives on the secondary ide channel and my cd-rom and cd burner on the primary ide. I didnt find this out until I had gotten my new lite on dvd burner. My question is, could having the hard drives on the secondary and the cd-roms on the primary have messed something up that might affect my dvd burner and the grinding noise im experiencing? Currently, my hard drives are on the primary and my dvd burner is set for secondary master. Any replies or thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks


IDE channel won’t influence a mechanical grinding noise in the Litey drive. Just return it or exchange it for a new one. if new one does same thing, its just the way its designed I suppose. Maybe poor engineering flaw? Or they just didn’t care.


Thanks for the response. I probably will send it to Liteon. I am first going to try it in a different computer later today to mkae sure that the drive is FUBAR. thanks again


Might sound daft, but have you checked that the mounting screws are all secure??
If they are loose at all it can cause a vibration and a surprising amount of noise.