Question about Plextor Premium

I manage to get a brand new drive today! I’ve been told that there are no black version and that it comes with a black bezel? Is it easy to install? I haven’t opened the box, but there is a sticker indicating so. Is the tray also black? Thanks!

Yes it’s easy to replace a bezel and yes, the tray is black. But, I’m not 100% sure that there are no black versions. The only drive I know of that didn’t have a separate black version because the retail version was shipped with two bezel (white and black) was the PX-716A drive.

I have 3 Premium drives 2 white and 1 black there is no bezel changer kit for that model they come white or black the 716a/sa come with bezel changer kit

Weird, the box says there’s a black bezel to replace the default bezel with.

There is no bezel to change in the box. So you have either black or white one. Maybe you could change it with a friend, find it on eBay, etc.

Well I finally opened the package and discover that it does come with a black bezel installed. The sticker on the packaging made me think it was like my Plextor 716-A. It comes with two bezels.