Question about Plextools



How do I use Plextools to check the integrity of a disc burned with data? I have FW 1.05 and Plextools version 2.18 installed.

The media I have is all Verbatim and a 5-pack of Plextor. I use the Roxio software that came with my Plextor 712a.


Grab a disc you’ve burned, pop it in the Plex, fire up Plextools, select Q-Check PI/PO and hit start. Go watch some half-hour show and come back for the results.


In addition to Two Degrees, if you want to save the result, right click on the graph and save as png (or html).


But what is the criteria by which to judge the burn acceptable? I mean, does amount of PIE have any significance or is it just POF? Are there any specific numbers that draw the line between a good and bad burn?

#5 look at the Quality Score at the botom of the link. Some people may score differently but generally is valid.


I used Verbatim to burn a small amount of data to a DVD+R and PIE was 501 with POF 0. The manual states PIE usually has correctable errors but shouldn’t be excessively high, however, no figure of maximum is given.

When burning data to a DVD, do you use Plextools or just the software like Roxio or Nero? I used Roxio and then ran the test with Plextools.


You right, there’s no max given in the manual. However, in the chart, do you see a bold horizontal line, its PIE=280. That’s the limit.

You might also want to read this:


My test doesn’t look like what I saw in the link, or your test. I used Plextools and did a Q-Check PI/PO Test and selected Sum8. After the test, PIE was 501 and POF was 0 - this was just a very small amount of data that was burned to the disc. Is this the test you are speaking of - the Q-Check PI/PO Test SUM8?


To obtail meaningful results, a full disk must be burned.


Yes, the Q-Check PI/PO test sum8.

PIE of 501, is it total PIE or max PIE? Max PIE of 501 doesnt sounds good.

As neveragain mentioned, if you want to burn a full disk to test your media, you can do that with Plextools Write Transfer Rate Test, or with Nero CD/DVD Speed version 3.55 Create Data Disk.


As I recall, there was only one area where PIE was shown (above POF) and that’s where I saw PIE 501. This is what confuses me. You guys show PIE totals of more than one but I saw just one PIE total. I’ll check it again.

Burn the whole disc? Well, that would be interesting but can’t I get a valid result burning less than half?


Burn the full disc to get the true response of your media. Most problems occur at the outer edge due to manufacturing problems of the media, not drive response.

The test will give you a summary at the end of the test showing PI, POF and average. The graph charts the location of the errors and shows a limit line of 280. If your media exceeds that, try a lower speed. It most likely is poor media response. If a lower speed is still bad, then the drive is questionable. Just because media can be written to 12x doesn’t mean it should be. Verbatim 8x was known to be crappy about mid year. The revised 8x media has a “12x” compatible legend on the disc. If yours does not, try and stay with 8x or lower,