Question about plex 8x20x2 and Yamaha 6416



I have a Yamaha 4416 Scsi, no probs but to slow. I wanna buy a Yamaha 6416 or a Plextor 8x20x2.
Who has one of that writers?
Can you do anything like printing scanning typing or even draw in Photopaint on your PC while you are burning?
On 4x no probs on my system. But on higher burning speed i don't now. It's a P2 on 450Mhz with 128 SDram.
Can you burn with 2 writers in 1 PC if the writers are both Scsi?
And last question: Can Lead Data CDR's get burnt on 6 or 8 speed?


I put a Yamaha 6416 and a Yamaha 4416 (both SCSI) in the same system and i started recording an image with the 4416, when this writer is burning, i started the 6416.
But when this writer is beginning to burn, the 4416 stops burning. CD is f*cked up.
The 6416 makes a good backup.
I used CDRwin 3.7b for the 4416 and CDRwin 3.7f for the 6416.
Next time i use CDRW’s for tests!


I now that i maybe ask a stupid question, but i wanne now that you can burn with 2 writers on 2 SCSI carts. Than they don’t use the same cable to transfer their data.
Dit somebody try this out?