Question about playing backup files on comp

This is probablly a really dumb question, but when I use DVDFab express mode, I try to back up a dvd to harddrive, when it is done there is a file for it, why won’t it play on a media player from my hard drive. It says there is no playable files, is this program just to copy from disk to disk? I want to be able to copy all my dvds to my computer and be able to watch them anytime without the dvd in… is this the right program??? Any help would be great!

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What files there are in your HDD? Do you have a set of vob, ifo and bup files?

What player are you using?

Thanks for responding, but I didn’t really understand all that stuff I’m a computer dummy… anyways I downloaded congo as a test run on the program and I saved it to my computer, basically I just want to be able to play it windows media player without disk in drive… Basically I’m asking can this program be used like a ripping program, so I can can have my whole video collection on my computer to watch anytime without dvd in drive.

When I saved and tried to play it my computer says there are no playable files in the VIDEO_TS folder

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Windows media player is not the best choice to play DVDs.

You need to to use powerdvd (not free) or also VLC player, free and very good.

Another good player is media player classic, also free

But isn’t there a problem when I open the congo file, there is an option to play all files and it says there is no playable files even if I haven’t selected which media player to use, i don’t think it is the media player that is the problem. Do you use DVDFab platinum express mode? Maybe you can give me a step by step of what you do when downloading the movie to your computer… are you able to play your movies without disk in drive?

You saved your ripped movie in a folder, isn’t it?

Ok, open that folder with Windows Explorer and tell me what file type there are in the folder.

See the pic like example. If you ripped the movie correctly, you should have a set of files like in pic

please be patient I’m an idiot!!! how do you take a screenshot like that? And I don’t know how to open with explorer, I can explore it and open a something similar to your screenshot. Please don’t give up on me.

I think I seen that it yours was saved on G was that right? maybe I’m saving it to wrong place…

No, you can save in any folder. The important thing is what [B]file types[/B] there are in the folder

Do you see vob, ifo and bup files in your folder?


I see all those file

Then the problem is that Windows media player can’t open these files.

You need another player.

I suggest VLC: it’s very good and free. See link above

actually no all I see is video_vts and bup files no vob or ifo files

Geno is giving you great advice and windows media player is not the best app to use, but it will still work.
You’re using fab express. This will rip in file mode, decrypt and auto compress to approx 4200 MB or less (4200 is the default setting).
Anyway, if you don’t have power dvd, nero showtime, etc., etc., just open window’s media player.
>Upper left, click on “file”, then “open”
>navigate to the ripped folder (express)
>Click on the folder, 2 folders will appear, VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS
>Click on VIDEO_TS, various media files will appear
>Click on VIDEO_TS.IFO
The player should start and hopefully, you’re all set.

If this is too confusing, I’ll be glad to post some screenshots.
Won’t be nearly as fast as geno…he’s the “photoshop” champ… :iagree:

Maybe you need to enable this option in windows explorer.

Follow this procedure.

  1. Open windows explorer

  2. Go to menu “Tools” --> Folder Options

  3. Select the “View” tab

  4. Set the following options as indicated:

  • Show hidden file and folders --> Check this option
  • Hide extensions for know file types --> [B]Un[/B]check this option

This should allow you to see what file types you have in that folder.

yeah I’m sure that all works, problem is I have no ifo or vob files just bup, VTS_01_0…etc. and Video_TS.

I can’t be doing to much wrong when downloading… when I put movie in it comes up in DVDFab asw source, then I choose destination and I put it in

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Videos\Gladiator ( Yeah my comp SUCKS! )

Then I pick full movie and push start…wait and done. That’s all I do… But it won’t work???

Why am I not getting the ifo or vob files?

I think that you did a bad ripping.

Try to use DVD Decrypter to do your rippings. For newest titles you need to add RipIt4Me to help DVD Decrypter. Both are free

couldnt he just make an iso image and mount it on a virtual drive? “dont know i havent tried it yet”