Question about PIE and PIF?

So I have some TYG03 media(really bad quality). I am recording with a 111L. The PIE max is about 16, which is pretty good. The PIF max is 4(a few places, mostly 1 or 2), however total PIF is 2k-5k on different burns. Will this effect quality much? If a PIF is at 1 or 2 does it matter much?

How can PIE be so low, but PIF be so high? I know with my RITEKG05 burns the PIE would be much higher in both max and total, while PIF would have a slightly higher max, but the total 900-1.5k.

You have done the quality scanning by using what exact tool?

CD Speed. I see people post pictures are they just screen shotting, cropping, hosting, and posting? I tried saving the quality picture, but it wouldn’t let me.

Here’s an example. This is pretty much how they all come out, this one is slightly better than normal though.

You can take a screenshot of the actual window with alt+print screen (instead of the normal print screen button for the whole desktop), so you would not have to crop. This works with nearly every windows program. But with CD-DVD Speed there is a dedicated button for that screen capture stuff, see the user guide here.

Afterwards you can decide if you want to host and post the picture with img-tags or if you want to use the image attachment function of this forum.

[B]OR-G[/B], have you tried using SmartBurn, and its HyperTuning or Online HyperTuning features? Maybe these could improve your results. That is if you burn with the LiteOn for burning, of course. :slight_smile:

Ok well now I know how to save just the window thanks!

Well I’ve tried using the lite-on, but haven’t tried the Smartburn so I will check that out. If its any better than the PIO at burning then I’ll go ahead and give my just purchased:doh: PIO to my dad.