Question about PI/PO DL Scan result (BenQ)

I just burned my first DVD data disc. I did a verify with Nero and md5 checksum which reported no errors.

Then I did a ScanDisc with Nero CD-DVD Speed and it reported bad areas of 1% at 1/2 way point. Two of the .nrg files are reported with high PI/PO failures.

Is this really an error? I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with the “gap” between the first and second layer of the DL disc, so maybe it’s nothing to worry about? :bow:

I have a BenQ 1655 BCHB and am using Verbatim DL discs (MKM 001)


It would help a lot if you post actual scans (Go Advanced, Manage Attachments).

I suggest you make three scans and post them here:

[li]Disc Quality scan at 8x[/li][li]Benchmark (Read Transfer test)[/li][li]ScanDisc Read test (not ScanDisc PI/PO)[/li][/ol]To get the best scan pictures, please save as PNG (not JPG).


From your ScanDisc (PI/PO) I can see that one of the files has Parity Outer Failures (POF) which is an unreadable or almost unreadable block.

Go ahead and post the scans I asked for, but I can already tell you that this is a bad burn - maybe unreadable. :frowning:

Ok. I have to go out now, but will post them later. Thanks.

Here they are. BTW, this was on a 350MHz AMD machine with an updated hard drive (7200 rpm I think). Thanks.

Is that the same disc or did you reburn?

The quality scan is good and the ScanDisc Read test is perfect. The Read Transfer test (benchmark) is so-so.

Thanks DrageMester. That’s the same disc. :confused:

How would one rate this burn, Successful, Not sure, or Not successful? I’m guessing it’s somewhere between Successful and Not sure, so probably successful. :slight_smile:

I’m upgrading my system to a Celeron today, so hopefully I’ll get better test results with a faster system.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

If I only had the second set of scans to look at, I would say that it was a successful burn, but…

The Parity Outer Failures (POF) in the first scan worries me enough, that I would reburn that disc again, unless it’s only one of several backups of the same content!

Usually the system around the drive doesn’t have any impact on the writing quality - only at the speed you can write at, unless there’s something wrong with the power supply or if the drive is getting too hot due to insufficient cooling.

But let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: