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Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to put this post in, but I thought I would ask you guy’s about packaging dvd cases. I do my own artwork on my dvd cases, and on my dvd’s. The only thing that I am having an issue with is putting a cellophane wrap around my cases. I have tried to use shrink wrap before, but it didn’t look very professional, and it leaves those edges on them.

I asked a couple of companys about the wrapping for the dvd cases, and they said they use cellophane wrap that heat seals folded on the top, and bottom. They also said that the shrink wrap is used for boxes ect. I was trying to go ahead, and have them cellophane wrap my cases, but they said they can’t, because they didn’t manufacutre them.

So I was wanting to know if anybody knew how to cellophane wrap dvd cases, like the new dvd cases you would find in the stores?


I think the heat shrink stuff would be optimal, but probably not cost-effective, even if you can find it in sheets that large.

What about one of those kitchen shrink-wrap machines that you use for wrapping food? They leave edges?


Try the link below. It might provide some helpful information for you…


You can also search for “Overwraper Systems” this might get you more information. Hope this helps…


CD/DVD packaging equipment/machines available in the US at:

Also in the UK at :

These are semi-professional machines, same quality as factory finish but without the size and cost of factory machines