Question about overburn quality

Hey guys.
Thanks for your help last time.

I have a question about “overburn”.

I’m a serious music collector and have acquired some pretty “rare” music by my favourite band and went to burn it to an 80min CD, however the amount of music is about 80min:50secs, so there’s only 50secs too much music - aaaaagh :bigsmile:

I’m using a Lite-On CD/DVD SHM165P6S burner with the Nero Suite program.

It’s giving me the option to “overburn” the CD.

I’m really interested to know what effect on the quality of my CD will using the “overburn” function have ?
Will the CD deteriorate faster than a normally burned CD ?

Like I said, all I want to do is fit 80min:50 sec on an 80min CD.
Maybe I should split the music over 2 CD’s but it seems a bit extreme when I could use “overburn” to fit on the extra 50 seconds.

But like I said I’m a serious music collector and the music is pretty “rare” and I’d like to be sure the CD isn’t going to deteriorate in the near future.

I’d really appreciate some opinions from knowledgable people on the “overburn” topic.


You should be able to overburn 80:50 on most “80 min” CD-R media if the burner is capable of overburning.

The last (outer) part of the CD is more vulnerable to fingerprints and rough handling than the first (inner) part of the CD.

I suggest you use some good quality CD-R media and burn at a reasonable speed, e.g. 16x or 24x depending on burner.

If you want to have a good backup of your CD, I suggest you use some form of lossless compression e.g. Monkey’s Audio (APE) or FLAC and save the compressed tracks as files on a data CD. Lossless compression should reduce the space needed by 40-50% and the “lossless” part means that you can recreate the original CD Audio with no loss in quality.

So I suggest one copy as a playable CD Audio disc, and another copy (or multiple copies) as compressed tracks on a Data CD.

Thanks, it’s actually FLAC files I’m already burning to CD !