Question about output files

I am using the latest trial version of CloneDVD 2 & was wondering if I am doing something wrong.

When I backup a dvd (movie), I usually choose to create an .Iso file, mainly because it seemed easier having 1 file to work with as opposed to several files.
If creating Video_ts files has any advantage, plz explain.

I am then asked to enter a name for the .iso file to be created.
I am also asked to choose a destination for Temporary video files.
The Temp files are optional right?

The funny thing is that after I rip the DVD I wind up with 2 folders on my hard drive. The first contains the .Iso file & the other contains Video_ts files.

This adds up to about 8.5 Gb of space used… is this supposed to happen?
Any other time I have backed up a DVD I only have either the .Iso file or a folder with Video_ts files, but not both!

I saw the checkbox for deleting the temp files after writing, but didn’t know if it was supposed to be checked, can anyone advise???

Last Q…
After a sucessful backup, I can play the DVD (movie) flawlessly until it reaches about 50% or the middle, then it starts getting all jittery & doesn’t play right if it decides to continue at all.

Could this be due to burning too fast? or perhaps cheap media?

I don’t know the name of the DVD-R’s that i’m using, but they seemed to be of decent quality… I haven’t had any problems in the past using them (I have a spool of 100).
If it helps they are purple with a white face.

Many thanks in advance for everyones infinately excellent burning skillz :bow:

I forgot to add that the machine I’m using is …

Gigabyte 939 board with Amd Athlon 64 3500+

2 Gb. ddr400

WinXp Sp2

Lite-on DVD-RW SOHW-1633S (rev. BS0H)

Didn’t know if that might help…