Question about offical firmware release

hello, thank you for your time…

I was wondering how long does lite-on take to release firmware for there drives?
because is drive me insane, i have pack of 25 of dvd-r with media code “MXL RG03”
and my lite-on 811s doesn’t have the media code on the list. so i’m stall on using it because i burn witht hem i only get 2.5x burn and turns out crap…

I don’t think you will see another firmware released for the 811S, it is an old drive and lite-on are trying to fix problems with their newer drives, so you have next to no chance of them releasing an updated firmware for that drive.

You could use Ala42’s mediacode speed edit tool to add it to the current firmware, and then try some strat swaps to see what works best with it.

Check this thread out

Lite-On drives as a general rule prefer +R media, you might want to keep your -R media for your next drive and buy some media that your drive already supports.

There will not be anymore 811S updates, HS0R is the latest, and last revision. You can ask liteon - they will no longer update the 811S, and phase it out.

Besides, the new drives are fairly inexpensive, and produce better quality for the same media, than the 811S (at least on working drives :D) so you should just get a new drive, or use other media codes.

On the 811S, I use RICOHJPN. RICOHJPN and TAYO YUDEN seem to be the best. I even use RITEK R02 now, with RICOHJPNR01 strats, and I get excellent results :slight_smile:

Why LiteOn stop support 811S that fast…?
the drive is not that old age…

True but the great exception to that rule is Verbatim -R media. Liteys love them. Typical scan of Singapore made Verbatim 8x -R can be found here.

The problem here is that the drive doesn’t support the latest Maxell media (which also burns just fine with my 832S btw).

If mc00 wants to use -R with his Litey he’d be best off sticking to 8x -R verbs and he shouldn’t have any real problems.

damn the drive i bought it in 2004 around may is crazy, they going to fade out…

well i have 4 dvd-r with TAYO YUDEN but i have it for especially burns…

lite-on burn the “MXL RG02” nicely.

kind piss me off i pay 90 buck and now lite-on is going dump it lol *sigh this companies… lol

is possible to add the “MXL RG03” without replacing “MXL RG02” ? i try it but try to replace the one is there…

thanks for the replys

I’ll see your Liteon scan and raise you an NEC 3500 at 8X:

Is the same think going to happen to the 851S anytime soon?? You guy’s are getting me worried I just bought it!!

Yes. It happens to all of the drives.

LITEON’s response is that they have no current plans on updating the 811S and they have limited resources and are concentrating on upcoming drives and current models, which are very affordable now anyways, as older drives get phased out. Now while the 811S will not get any more improvements with firmware, perhaps, as new media codes come out, LITEON could decide to accomodate its customers and add those new codes in a future firmware… But if I rely on LITEON’s response, I guess not, but then you never know and might be surprised with HS0S or HS0T who knows :smiley:
But don’t count on it, you cannot expect companies to support their products forever. :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to the upcoming LITEON light-scribe capable drives :slight_smile:

You sure are correct, about the only discs that worked well before I gave up on my 411@811 were the Verbatim MCC02 DVD-R “Movie Reel” type discs.

The Movie Reel blanks were on sale for around $10 per 25 pack spindle at Best BUy recently (closeout?). They used to be too expesnive to warrant their “gimmicky” look but at that price you should get some if you have a 811s -the DVD-R that is.

The same type of DVD+R (Movie Reel) works GREAT by the way at 8X with teh 812/832 series Litey drives. The DVD+R MCC02 are not to hot with the 411/811 though (that’s backwards for normal Lite-On results eh?).