Question about new d rings



i borrowed a dvd from my friend to back up because the one i have is damaged. he had put a d ring on it. they sell them at local stores. it is clear and covers the bottom of the dvd. it is to prevent scratches and damage. i was wondering if this will interfere with the back up of this dvd like will the quality be the same. also if you watch a dvd with this on it, will it do any long term damage to your dvd player. i asked if he liked them and he said he just started using them, he said the local video rental places have all started using them. just wondering if anyone had any problems or input on this.


I have never heard of D rings, IMHO I would be suspect in using them.
I would imagine they would be like a clear label only applying it to the underside, and using adhesive to keep in place.

Anything that could possibly disrupt the balance of the DVD I would avoid, especially if you value your stand alone player.

I’m interested to hear of others thoughts and experience with them.


i backed up are we there yet last night that had the d ring on it. i could not tell a difference in quality. i am not sure if it uses adhesive. on the outside of the disc is a orange ring, i think they snap on and off. not sure i will have to check into it.


I can’t picture a ring that would be able to snap on and off. The read side of the disk should be perfectly flat without any type of ridge. Nice to hear you were able to make a copy.

Edited: Had a hard time finding info on the product. I did find something on D Skins (not rings). You are correct, they do snap on. The site does not provide a great deal of information or make any mention of imbalance issues.

I’m not saying they’re bad, but merely from what I read I would not use these on my equipment.

Read about them here:


thanks for the info, i dont think im going to use them, until there is more info out about the imbalance issue. they sound like a good idea i just dont want to damage my stand alone.


whoops, didnt see the post above


Just so you guys know, its a very clear and thin acrylic (i think) and it has edges which seal together much like a ziplock sandwich bag… not a bad invention, as long as it doesnt compromise the quality of the read down.