Question about new arita

i used to be able to get Arita richojpnro1 purple top :bow: from computer markets.and ive seen these and i sent them a e-mail asking if they are richojpn01/2 but got no reply. can anyone confirm if they are richos or not thanks

It says right on the product page that they are RITEK R03.

Product:   	Arita DVD+R - 8x Speed
Memory Size: 	4700 (Mb)
Packaging: 	Bulk Wrapped
Lead in Code: 	RITEK R03
Weight: 	0.0180 (Kg) (per unit)
Avg rating: 	Product has not been rated
Stock Status: 	IN STOCK

Sorry didnt see that.when i sent my e-mail the other week the media code wasent listed then i got a news letter this morning so i created this post not realising that they now show that they are R03`s dam.

Thanks wes looks like ill have to keep looking for some richojpns

I looked again at aritas and the 4X are richojpns

Product: Arita DVD+R 4x
Memory Size: 4700 (Mb)
Packaging: Spindle Tub
Lead in Code: RICOHJPN R01
Weight: 0.0180 (Kg) (per unit)
Avg rating:
Stock Status: IN STOCK

time to order some :slight_smile: