Question about new 812s @ 832s

Bought it, flashed it 5 seconds after installing it. Great burns all around so far, and only one problem. Using EAC secure, C2 w/ disable cache, the drive only rips at 2.5x. This sets off my “wtf-o-meter”. It rips in burst mode at 30x+, but using secure mode, it only rarely spins up faster than 2.5-3x, it will (occasionally) spin up and rip at 10x, which is fine, if it’d do that always. I’ve reinstalled IDE drivers, ASPI, and EAC. Any ideas on why it does this would be appreciated. All cds being tested are perfect, btw.

Edit: Note, I’m using VS04, trying VS03 in a minute.

Update: Tried US0N, VS03, and VS05, no dice.

Edit: Tried every firmware until I came to US03, US03 works perfectly. Guess I’ll have to use this while re-ripping my large cd collection, then switch back to VS05 when I’m done and pray someone at LiteOn will read my email. Or someone will fix this problem. Love the drive, hate this bug.

Mine is a slow ripper too, not sure, will try VS05 tonight.

In EAC, secure mode is designed to rip slower so that it can accuratly copy the stream. This is especially important if you’re an audiophile and want absolutly perfect results. It also helps for ripping those scratched discs.

For me, ripping in burst mode doesn’t cause any noticable defects in the sound afterwords, and the quality is good, for me. This will be dependent on each user, but I would say, if you can’t tell the difference, especially on a HI-FI system, it should be safe to rip in burst mode. There is no need to downgrade to US03 when US0N and VS05 are far better firmwares. You don’t want to sacrifice burn quality do you?

Also CDex is my favorite program for ripping cds, I know some will disagree with me,but that’s ok. Anyway, it’s up to the user what you want or what you can differ between quality wise.

Thanks for the replies. I only flashed to US03 to re-rip a 100+ cd collection, after I’m finished I’ll reflash to VS05. The difference between the 2 was 2.5x for VS05 and 10-13x for US03. I could get VS05 to rip correctly if I spun the drive up in another program and then went to EAC, but I had to do that for each CD, and that’s just not possible with this many to rip. It’s a bug within the newer firmwares, hopefully it’ll get fixed.

This drive has revived some extremely bad cds with its great error correction in EAC, I’m impressed.

And a note to Kwkard: I can ABX between --alt-preset standard and --alt-preset extreme, so yeah, EAC is a must. I can spot an uncorrected read error a mile away if I rip using anything else. Drives me crazy.