Question about nero6 oem software

I was looking at some nero 6 oem software on e-bay and had a question. There are some suite 3 for sale that have most of the important programs on them. But nero burning 6 is not listed, although Nero express 6 is. Are these two different programs and do I need both to have full burning functions or is nero express 6 enough?

I haven’t got nero6 but I did buy the OEM suite 3 two weeks ago for about £10. It works great and seem to do everything needed to manage and burn CD and DVD disks with my new NEC 2510. Suite 3 comes with the DVD plugin and therefore you can recode/reauthor any video files to either VCD, SVCD or DVD format without having to purchase any additional software. However, I am not quite convinced about the final quality of the output DVD files and have posted the following thread in this forum:

Having said that, I have no regrets about buying the software since other re-authoring software would cost more than the amount I paid for the nero OEM suite 3.

Thanks Mo…appreciate the insight.