Question about Nero

My burner came with the Nero oem suite but, when I try to burn a dvdr in dolby digital 5.1 it tells me that i have to buy a multichannel plugin in order to burn that format :Z . Does anyone know if the Nero7 ultra edition comes with the multi channel plugins or, can i get this plugin for free somewhere?

Yes Nero 7 ultra dose come with it! just checked but have never tried using it so I can’t say if it works OK or if it’s full of bugs, but wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy the plug-in for your version of Nero?

O.k., How about the audio format LPCM. If the dvd is coded in LPCM does that mean it will be in dolby digital 5.1, or is that just an audio format?

That’s another, less satisfying , format.

I did read that for burning, not conversion, that you can just ignore this message. Don’t know how true this is though.

LPCM is stereo (high quality… larger files) best for HQ stereo stuff.
5.1 you know … Dolby surround.
Only full versions of Nero handle Dolby. (Nero 6 or Nero 7)