Question About Nero

Hey everyone. I’ve been using Nero 6 for quite a while now and have really not had any problems to speak of. I had upgraded to Nero 7 when it came out, but uninstalled after about a week or two due to all the bugs that seemed to plague it. Well, it’s been a while since then and I’m wondering if this newest incarnation of v7.2.7.0 is worth upgrading to. I mainly just use DVDShrink to back up my movies, but I remember that wouldn’t even work with the first version of Nero 7. Any thoughts or suggestions on me upgrading?

Latest version I am using is This pack, 130MB in size, is bloated by many useless programs that Ahead is trying to promote. The default installation will burden your computer with a spyware toolbar named “Nero scout” and a lot of registry litter.
Did I mention the installation will run corrupt after a few runs and you will not be able even to uninstall it unless you use a special Ahead products removal utility? My advice is to stick with the latest version of the 6 series.

I found this thread which made me go running back to No wonder I got those bad audio CD’s lately!
Bad Ahead, BAD!