Question about Nero 6.6.012



Using Nero Ultra Edition 6.6.012. Just had my DVD burner replaced. I tried using Nero, but my DVD drive won’t show up under Nero, just my cd burner. I uninstalled Nero and re-installed it, but still nothing. Any ideas?
(I’m using a Philips 8631…I know, I know, but that’s all Dell would give me. The drive is working fine; DVD Santa burns fine - no coasters. I burned three dvd’s yesterday with Nero before I uninstalled it. It was working fine up until then)



If it also doesn’t show in your control panels “system” it would probably mean that you did not set the jumper on the back correctly to “master” if on end of cable or “slave” if in middle of cable or “cable select” if other drive also set on “cable select” - or it may be the cable itself - if the jumper settings don’t work - then change the cable-



the drive does show up in my control panel. It reads discs fine, and I can even burn disks using DVD Santa. There should be a setting in Nero, although I can’t seem to find it. There is a pull-down menu on the opening of Nero. The only options are my cd-rw and image recorder. I can’t seem to find any support for a dvd-rw on the help menu or the nero site.