Question about Nero



I heard that the new Nero Burning Rom checks over the Internet the Serial Numbers.
What can i do about that…

Does it check while iam burning and connected
to the net or everytime when iam connected?

I have At Guard installed does it protect me?


Taking you serious, were did ya heard that?
personally i think its bull, i never heared it.

But hee i can’t know everything,
no need to worry…

post the place you’ve spotted that story.


I don`t know the exact link of the site,but
this site collects programs mostly shareware to protect the users that uses illegal software.I mean i found it Galaxy Mans site or the TL Zone some time ago…

Like Feurio it also checks if you use the right serial…


i don’t think it is true.
But their are files that make your computer crash. Thos files can see everything like:

Harddisk space
Programs installed
and everything.
One of the programs that have that is CuteFTp, but i don’t know if it copies it over the internet.