Question about Nec 2500A Burner



Hello to all
sorry for my english but i’m italian.
I have a dvd burner Sony DRU 500A and this burner is now faulty because write some bad bytes corrupted with almost all dvd and with a compilation of rar or zip result in a CRC errors; other dvd like film vob,divx or mp3 or ps2 is good because the faulty bytes is skipped in most cases. :sad:

But the question is this:
i want to buy another Dvd burner and i have looked the Nec 2500A wich is best dvd write quality in articles in,and probably can upgraded to Dual Layer.
Is the Nec 2500A a very good dvd burner? or i must be oriented to another product like Pioneer 107 or LiteOn 812 or another?
I have read the post of Dual Layer,anyone say now (when DL disc is not in stores) if the procedure is right?

Thanks all


the nec nd-2500a is a very high quality burner; it burns pretty much everything and the burnt dvds are highly compatible with all my friends dvd players.

if you are planning to use dual layer, I would wait a while because the NEC’s capability of dual layer is questionable, but even if it is, I would imagine it would not be near the rate of quality of official dual layer burners when they come out.

But I think that dual layer media will be pretty expensive and it will probably take 1-2 years for the prices to become affordable and more used.


Many people are very happy with their NEC 2500A.
See here:*2500*+loves