Question about my new benq 822a

i already bought a benq 822a, and before this drive i have a sony dw-u14.
When burning with my benq i noticed that dvd-r are not 100% complete, i mean there is a lithle space in the end that looks is not writable, thing that doesnt happened with my anothers dvd-r drives. Although there is no problem reading them

Anyone knows why?

thank you very much

I don’t understand the point until now.
Maybe you didn’t make the disc full with files??
Or else where exactly is the problem u have?

the “original” dvdr disc is completely burn, and the copy has a litle space that looks not written… that space has the same colour has a blank dvd…

my question is: is normal that?


the space is at the inner or at the outer part of the disk?

at the outer