Question about my 2 btc dvd writers being very slow

i have a dell 4600 256 memory 60gb and 250gb hard drive.
i bought a microadvantage last year on a deal i got for -$50(w/c is ide1008), and the last black friday deal for i/o magic p#6067700075,ser#p4440075867,u#70806900897,f#a079,manuf(10/2004), which is probably a btc right? is this somekind of ide1???, anyway, the big problem is the speed i takes hours to write or copy, i use ridata 4xrw, teon r+ and r-,
Also just used the liveupdate for both. And tried to burn on the 4x but only went thru as 2x.
Anyway I can still return these drives?

Hello and welcome at CD freaks,

have you checked if DMA is enabled for the drives?
You can use Nero Infotool for checking.

Firmware A079. If I’m not complete wrong then is this a DRW 1016IM


i checked device manager and properties advanced says dma when available. and also the picture in the box is where there’s a lady in the front, also this is the staples black friday sale idvd16dd dual layer, probably this one, tks for the reply