Question about music tracks?

Hi: I’m using MusicMatch to add mp3 songs to my portable player and also to burn to cd. Every time I try to put the tracks in order, MM either puts them in alphabetical order or some random order when I try to burn them. I’ve got Roxio EMC but haven’t tried this yet.
I’ve heard that windows explorer will put files in alph. order some times.
How can I get the tracks to stay in the order that I want? Is there a file/folder program or software that will do this for me? I’m sure this has been covered at one time or another but I can’t find any info. Thanks in advance.

You could number the songs. That would be a lot of work, but it would do the trick.

If the mp3 files have got their tags set for title & track # then Roxio works nicely. I use Tag&Rename to set up the tags.