Question about Multiregion with a ND-6650A dvd+/-rw



Hi there… I bought a dell inspiron 6000 and it came with a NEC
ND-6650 dvd +/- rw and I want to make this dvd multiregion… so I forget about the 5 times i can change the region… (i want to be able to read dvds from all regions, without changing the region on the dvd)… does anybody know if there’s a way to do it ???

If you know where I can get any patch or something like that… I will appreciate it =)

and please send me and e-mail to

Have a nice day =)


There is a firmware here, BUT it is based on an old retail NEC firmware. Since your drive came on a Dell, you probably have a newer OEM Dell firmware on your drive (I’m guessing that you have 102C loaded? That’s what most Dell users are reporting in with). So if you use the firmware I just linked, you’ll be downgrading to an old firmware. Liggy has a patcher that should be able to patch the OEM Dell firmware, so if you ask nicely, I think he’ll post one for you…


Started working on some firmwares yesterday.

But I’m not sure if the patcher works on this firmware. NEC recently changed something in the RPC1 code that caused TDB’s patcher to stop working correctly (at least the version I have). But it’s still possible to add this patch manually.


Hi Liggy

Do You want 1.42 what I have in my FS AMILO L1310


I thought TDB fixed it? You could ask for the patcher source from TDB. :slight_smile:


It’s now downloadable from my site. Thanks Olari :flower:


Actually Liggy has it for now :slight_smile:


Yes I have a 102C … so if anybody here… so please help me :sad: my sister, who doesn’t know anything about computers, changed the region of my dvd player… and now I just have one more chance to change it =S



Hi Liggy,

I am yet another user who has a Dell 6000D with an NEC ND-6650 dvd +/- rw drive with the OEM 102c firmware.

I am simply looking for the bitset functionality for DVD+R media.

In my case, I have found this to be most compatible combination for my DVD players. I have been using this combination with great luck with my Dell 8400 Philips DVD±RW DVD8631.

Based on what I have read on these forums:

  1. I have purchased a slimline IDE adapter
  2. I am hesitant to use your existing 1.23 or 2.23 firmware since it is “older” than the 102c firmware I currently have.

Liggy 1.23 and 2.23 Firmware

In addition, there seems to be some updated NEC ND-6650 firmware, NEC 1.42 which seems to be at the same version level as the Dell OEM 102c firmware.

NEC-6650A Original Firmware

Firmware Release Date Version BitSetting
NEC 1.23 20/04/2005 1.12 1.13 1.12 1.16 1.19 1.17 1.07 1.03 No Yes No
NEC 1.23 (Liggy) 20/04/2005 1.12 1.13 1.12 1.16 1.19 1.17 1.07 1.03 Yes Yes Yes
NEC 2.23 (Liggy) 20/04/2005 1.12 1.13 1.12 1.16 1.19 1.17 1.07 1.03 Yes Yes Yes
NEC 102C 24/06/2005 1.15 1.14 1.13 1.18 1.19 1.17 1.07 1.03 No Yes No
NEC 1.42 09/06/2005 1.15 1.14 1.13 1.18 1.19 1.17 1.07 1.03 No Yes No

What would you suggest?

You are the master :slight_smile:



Maybe they did, but I didn’t ask them for a newer version. It doesn’t take that long to manually fix it.
And I don’t know if they give away the sourcecode too. I always received builds with my email address inside.


Since you need bitsetting, it should be easy to just flash my 1.23 bitsetting firmware with Binflash. No adapter should be needed.


Hi Liggy,

I have successfully applied your 1.23 firmware (123_rpc1.bin) to my NEC ND-6650 dvd +/- rw drive that came with my Dell 6000D using the Win32 GUI based Binflash v1.18.

Although I did not end up using my slimline IDE adapter, I’m glad I had it just in case…

Any plans to provide updated versions of the NEC 1.42 firmware?

Thanks for all your help :clap:



Yes, but I can’t say how long it takes since I’m currently working on Dee’s and my homepage and a lot of stuff still needs to be done there first…


So that’s the project Dee is talking about and the reason why there is still no 3540 1.W6 firmware. I thought you bouth have already a homepage.


Nope. Dee is busy with something else. I’m currently doing the homepage rework without her.
I guess 1.W6 won’t be based on the firmware we have at the moment.



I don’t think they’re opposed to giving their source code to firmware patchers like you; I got the source for their 3500A patcher last year.


Firmwares 1.42 and 102c for the ND6650 are now available with riplock and RPC1 patch on Dee’s and my NEC ND6650 page.


Okay, that means this ‘1.42’ is NOT really original NEC but rather FUJITSU ???

The 123 is NEC, is there any NEC fw coming up?

I presume if I flash my original NEC with Fujitsu 1.42, it will think and id itself as Fujitsu ???

Thanks for any info.


All the firmwares are made by NEC. The OEM just get their own firmware that may (but doesn’t have to) include specific changes for this vendor.

A different vendor string is possible, but most drives will still identify themselves as NEC. It only says Fujitsu Siemens OEM because the firmware was dumped from a drive in an FS notebook.