Question about multiple RMA in Europe

i’m just RMAing my PX712A for the 3nd time and i got a NoReturn code.
Plextor asked me to rum Pxinfo on my system and to send them the report.
After receiving this information a new unit will have been dispatched to me with no need to return bad one.

So here’s my question: i followed instructions, but after i sent PXinfo have you just to wait for a replacement drive or do i need a confirmation mail form them?

Jsut to know if i made some wrong…'case i don’t hear from PX since 10 days

A follow up call or e mail to Plextor might be a good idea!! IMO

Yes, i’ve idea they ignore my 3rd RMA for bad replacement units sent to me!

Once the new drive is dispatched, you should receive an e-mail with the tracking number.

I had the same problem very recently. :frowning:
I had to make a lot of emails with my professional address cause with my ISP address they didn’t even care to respond… anyway, I had a email refusing my RMA request cause the drive wasn’t defective. I made my point and I finally received the RMA number. Don’t give up. Call them if needed.