Question about MPEG file

Can a MPEG file be converted to play on a standard DVD Player?

try dvd flick

A standard dvd video is made up of mpeg2 video in the form of .vob files, plus the necessary navigation files, called .ifo and .bup files. All contained within a Video_TS folder.

So, if your mpeg file is already encoded to meet the rather strict specifications needed in dvd-video, then all you have to do is use an authoring program to make it into a dvd.

If it needs to be reencoded to meet those specifications, that can be done also, at the cost of a bit of quality in the video due to the encoding process.

You can try DVDStyler for this job. If the mpeg file is already compliant, it won’t reencode, but will produce a finished dvd ready to burn. If it needs to be adjusted, DVDStyler can do that also.

There are other choices for reencoding that might produce slightly better quality output, like AVStoDVD or FAVC. Once you have the finished product you can use ImgBurn to do the actual burning to the disk. AVStoDVD and FAVC can be set up to do this burn with ImgBurn automatically if you wish.

All of these programs are free to download and use without restrictions.