Question about monitors

I am not sure where to ask this so I wil ask here

Is it true that if I leave my computer on a picture and the screensaver is turned off will that picture burn itself into my monitor, or is that just BS. I have a regular monitor I think you call it a “SRT” or something along those lines

Thanks in advance

If you leave it on for long enough, yes it will. With emphasis on long, you’re quite safe as long as you dont leave it and go on a weeks semester to Greece.

Ok so if I happen to fall asleep and the title menu of a DVD is running all night I should have no problems, good to know

EDIT: forgot to say thanks


Burning a image on a crt is very real but it takes along time. Use the blank saver as the active ones use cpu power to run so it’s burning electric that don’t need to burn :iagree:

Better yet, use power saving mode. :slight_smile:


The really antique monochrome monitors were notorious for this. Not sure how susceptible modern monitors are. In any case, to save power and prolong your monitor’s life, enable the blank screensaver to fire after, say, 5 or 10 minutes and adjust your power scheme to turn off the monitor after maybe 15 or 20 minutes of inactivity.

And many ATM’s have this problem too :wink:

Just set your screensaver to come on, or power saving mode, after 1hr of inactivity.

If you have any burns that take 1hr to complete, they’re coasters anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Screen burning is generaly excelerated when settings are in “torch mode” ie: contrast, brightness, colour above 80%. Keep them down. Your eyes will also last longer!