Question about missing hardcoded subtitles on an .avi file

Hey guys. Got a doozie of a question here. I have a high quality HD copy of the movie “We Were Soldiers” on my PC (it’s an .avi file). Now, in this movie, there are a few “foreign-language” speaking parts. These parts are supposed to have hardcoded subtitles on the film (i have seen other copies of the movie that have them…so I know they should be there). This movie, unfortunately, is missing all of its hardcoded subtitles and for obvious reasons, I would like to fix this problem. I guess what I’m really asking here is if anyone knows a website or a way I can get/download these subtitles? (I only want the hardcoded subs, not subs for the entire movie. Those I’ve been able to find easily, and ironically the subtitle files for the movie are missing the “hardcoded parts”). Everyone has told me to just get another copy of the movie (so please don’t answer the question that way) and I will if it comes to that, but I would like to find a solution if possible. Thanks guys. If anyone can answer this question for me, I would be eternally grateful!!! :bow:

Unfortunately we cannot help with this particular problem. You see, [I]We Were Soldiers[/I] is a copyright protected film and not available as a legal download in avi format as far as I can tell.

Please review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected material before posting again.

If you wish to send me a pm showing a legitimate source for the avi movie in question, you are welcome to do so, and I will reconsider my decision here. Otherwise this thread is closed.