Question about Memorex DVDs at Best Buy

Does anyone know what’s the manufacturing ID of the Memorex 4x DVD+R sold at Best Buy ? I know they have a good deal now. I appreciate anyone’s advice.

I have been looking at Best Buy, but I can´t find any Memorex DVDRW 4X…

Although I found THIS. Right or wrong.

To my knowledge Memo´s lately DVDRW´s are built on NEC chipset, and some are similar to Pioneer…

Please provide a link.

Pinto2, I’m not talking about the drive. I’m asking about Memorex DVD+R blank media.
Does anyone know about it’s manufacturing ID ?

i know the -R are CMC (at least mine)

if search for it at you’ll se it’s probably one of the following:


I was in a jam about two weeks ago and needed media in a hurry.
I went to Best Buy and the best deal they had was Memorex 4X 50PK DVD+R at $49.99. This was hardly a good deal as you can get a 50PK of better media online for less money, but I needed the media yesterday so I picked some up.

The media turned out to be CMC magnetics with the media code CMC MAG F01.

Everyone, I appreciate for all your replies.
Mucha Gracias.
I don’t think I have confidence in CMC blank media.
My Sony DRU-510A is just too picky on blank media. I’ll keep on using my Fujifilm 4X DVD+R discs.